Getting Started

How does Bundable work?

Bundable allows you to create page on your Shopify Store where customers can add products to a bundle based on the ruleset you define within the application. The ruleset acts as a template which determines what products the customer is allowed to add, if any discounts are to be applied.

Bundable creates a product in your dashboard for each ruleset your define, and every time a customer creates a bundle, it will add a variant to the product with the custom pricing and information on what products were in that bundle. If the bundle is ordered, inventory is deducted for each SKU in the bundle. 

Why did we choose this method?

There are many ways to do product bundling on Shopify, most of which involve creating a new product in your Shopify dashboard for every bundle created. We wanted to reduce back-end clutter as much as possible, which is why we chose to save each bundle as a variant instead. Once 100 variants have been reached (The limit on Shopify), a new product is created and variants are added onto it instead. 

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! 

1) Click "Create Bundle" in the Product Bundle Dashboard

2) Fill out all of the fields, this will determine the rules of your bundle (e.g. minimum and maximum number of products allowed, what products are allowed etc.) For a full list of options see here:

3) Save you bundle, go to the homepage of the app, and grab the URL.

4) Navigate to your shop's Navigation section (Online Store - Navigation) and click on a menu, then add or edit a menu item with your url.

And thats it! Now your ready to start accepting orders for your custom bundle!

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