Updating Product Order in Bundle Page

Currently, it is not possible to update the order of your products in the bundle builder page within the app due to a technical limitation between ourselves as the third-party app developer, and Shopify. 

There is a possible workaround to still being able to showcase your products, in the order you want them!

Because the products in the bundle are displayed alphabetically, you can hyphenate your product names. For example:

Let's say you sell different flavours of juice, under a general product name like Gentle Juice. You can hyphenate the names of your products, so you'd have:

  • Gentle Juice - Orange
  • Gentle Juice - Peach
  • Gentle Juice - Cranberry
  • Gentle Juice - Lemonade

Within your collection, you can then modify the order of products which will then reflect in your bundle page.

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