Subscription App Integration (Recharge, Bold, etc.)

We often receive questions like:

Do you integrate with subscription apps like Recharge?

Is there a way to make the bundle be on a subscription basis/recurring charge instead of a one-time purchase?

It does hurt to say that we do not have an integration with Recharge/Bold, or other subscription apps/solutions. It is simply not part of the app's current default functionality. 

The reason for this is the value proposition of our app is in allowing your customers to pick and choose their products in their bundle each and every time. This offers up the potential to increase your average order value, and drives higher sales for you. Subscription apps don't allow for that experience as they bypass the bundling process.

We are happy to note that Shopify has recently announced it will be bringing changes to how subscriptions are handled by the native platform. As soon as this has been finalised, codified and released - we will do our best to build this into Bundable as quickly as quickly as we can.

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