Shopify App Integrations

The reality of being a business owner and running your store is that there are many Shopify apps involved, responsible for a multitude of tasks.

As much as we at the Sovi Apps team want Bundable to check all of the boxes, we cannot guarantee integration with any other Shopify apps.

This includes apps such as ReCharge, Bold Subscriptions, Langify, LangShop,,

If you are interested in discussing or learning more about whether one of your apps will be able to work in tandem with Bundable, please reach out to our support email at, and we'd be happy to confirm.

While we at Sovi Apps are always looking for ways to improve the Bundable experience, please note that given the resources required to create integrations, requests to integrate Shopify apps with Bundable is not covered within the scope of our support. All integration requests will be considered for future Bundable updates/builds.

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