Getting Started with Trackable by Sovi Apps

After installing the Trackable app by Enoble Labs from the Shopify app store, access the app dashboard by clicking on "Apps" within the main store dashboard.

Click on "Order Lookup" to be brought to the app homepage. 

The first step is to select a title for the Order Lookup page. This will sit at the top of the page when your customers access it. Ensure to save after every change. 

You also have the option to set additional text to your order lookup page; promote a new product, link to your email and more. 

Once you're all done with setup - press Save and you're good to go!

To continue customizing the Order Lookup page, click on Advanced Settings, which will bring up the below:

Here, you can insert Custom CSS to style your page to your preference, or select a specific colour for the button.

Ensure to always save after every revision. 

For assistance or if there are any questions regarding installation, please contact

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