Creating Bundle Categories

Given Bundable's current capabilities, it's not possible to create multiple categories in the bundle tool and require that customers choose 1 item from each category to complete their least not YET!

That being said, we've outlined an interim solution that may help below:

Disclaimer: this solution hinges on the assumption that your customers will follow the instructions you outline in your bundles. 

Step 1:
Say you want customers to select from 3 "categories", create 3 separate bundles. For ex. if you're a business that sells male shaving products, you can create the following separate bundles: razors, shaving cream, after-care

Step 2:
Make sure that you create a unique collection for each bundle. Using the example above, you would create a collection of all razors, a collection of different shaving creams, and a collection for after-care products.

Step 3:
Link each collection to each bundle using the Bundle Editor. Choose a unique image for each bundle.

Step 4: 
Within your homepage, add a Product list module and include all 3 of the bundles you created above. Clicking on these Products will take customers to each respective bundle tool to build their bundle and add to cart. Above this Product module, add a title prompting customers to ensure that for the best shopping experience, they create a bundle within each category and add a razor, shaving cream and after-care bundle to their cart.

Please note that with the above approach, customers will see each bundle as a separate product in their cart; one razor bundle, one shaving cream, and one after-care.

The above is a temporary solve, so please know that the category functionality is part of our road map - keep an eye out for news of it being offered in the near future.

If there are any questions around this, shoot us a note at

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