Customizing Order Status/Tracking Page

To best answer this question, we need to provide a background of how our Trackable app works:

It gives your customers the front-end (see example below) to be able to quickly, and efficiently link back to their Shopify order confirmation/status page. It's important to note that the Shopify order status page is a Shopify property - not one that we as the app developer own or manage. 

Example of Track Your Order Page generated by Trackable:

Regrettably, because Sovi Apps does not own the code to the order status page, as it is a Powered by Shopify property - we do not have the ability to customize the order status page for you.

We encourage you to visit the below link to learn more on how to customize your order status page for your customers:

If there are any further questions, please reach out to Shopify support, who will be able to help further!

So what can you do?

We can customize the Track Your Order page to match your brand, and ensure the layout works for you. Simply reach out to, and we'd be happy to assist you!

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