Discount Setup

When creating a new bundle, you have the option to set discounts so that customers will have extra incentives to fill their basket/bundle. In the Create Bundle form check off "Use Discount" to reveal the discount options. 

Discount Method: this field determines how you would like to decide when a product is discounted. The two options are:

  1. Discount at price: applies a discount when the bundle reaches a certain price.
  2. Discount at quantity: applies a discount when the bundle reaches a certain quantity.

Discount at this price / quantity: this field sets either the price or the quantity value (depending on your choice for the previous field) at which the discount kicks in. 

Discount Type: this field determines what kind of discount you would like to apply, either a percentage based discount or a fixed price discount. 

Discount: this is the actual value of the discount given. The value 10 in this field will be interpreted as 10% for a percentage discount, or $10.00 for a fixed discount.

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