How do I hide the products created by the app from Search?

When you first create a bundle, a new product is created in your Shopify dashboard with the name you give the bundle. When a customer creates a bundled product using the bundle builder page, the app will generate a new variant of that product in your Shopify store (this is how we can generate special pricing and extra info needed for a customer to purchase their product). With no changes, this product will be visible to anyone who visits your store. 

To ensure these products are hidden, Shopify thankfully has a "Bulk Editor", which allows you to quickly edit product data for all of your products on one screen - including the bundle product.

Just navigate to the following URL, being sure to replace SHOPNAME with the relevant name used to access your shop’s admin section.

If you don’t know what to replace SHOPNAME with, then log into your shop admin section and take a look at the URL in your address bar. You should see that it begins with – you’ll just need to take the value of SHOPNAME and change it in the URL above.

You should see all of your products in a list, alongside the value for their ‘SEO Hidden’ field, which is blank by default.

Just click into the blank field and change the value to 1. Do this for all of the bundle products that you want to hide from search, hit the Save button at the top of the window, and that product will disappear from your site search.

Note, if you later want the product to re-appear in your site search, you will need to change the value to 0. Simply leaving the value blank doesn’t seem to make the product re-appear, based on our testing.

Sometimes you may need to refresh your store a few times, or clear your browser cache for the changes to take effect. 

If you run into any issues, please reach us at for assistance!

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