With Bundable, it's super easy to change the text and wording of the different headings within your bundle builder pages.

This app allows you to make adjustments, like updating "Create Bundle" and "Bundle Contents" to verbiage that better suits your brand and offerings. For ex. "Meal Plan" and "Meal Plan Contents".

  • To do this, login to your Shopify admin and click on Apps
  • Within Apps, click on Bundable
  • Beside each created bundle, you will find a "Translate" button
  • Click this button to open up the editor. Make all your necessary changes, and hit Save.

You've now updated the text within your bundle tool!

Important: please note that only one language is available at a time, and multilanguage support is not currently available in Bundable. 

If there are any ongoing issues with updating verbiage, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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